Contest Categories

Please Note:  If you have entries that are 1) very large or 2) multiple entries such as dioramas that require a lot of table space, please let us know in advance so we can properly prepare the contest room.  Thanks!

ModernStraight-Line (Dragsters, Funny Cars, etc.)

2017 Pelicon Contest Categories
A. Aircraft Sponsored By:
1 1/35 & Larger (All Types)  Dave Fredrickson
2 1/48 Prop
a Allied b Axis
3 1/48 Jet
4 1/48 & Smaller Rotary Wing
5 1/48 Multi-Engine  Ozzie Leandri
6 1/72 Prop
a Allied b Axis  Dick Read (a)
7 1/72 Jet
8 1/72 Multi-engine
9 Bi-Planes / Multiwing, 1/48 and Smaller  Karl Pople
10 Bi-Planes / Multiwing, 1/32 and Larger
11 1/100 and Smaller, Military
12 1/48 and Smaller, Civil/Sport/Airliner
B. Military Vehicles
13 Armored, Tracked, 1/35 and Larger
a Allied b Axis  c  Modern  The Tread Heads  (a,b & c)
14 Armored, Half-Tracked/Wheeled, 1/35 & Larger  The Tread Heads
15 Softskin, 1/35 and Larger  George Hecht
16 Armored, Tracked, 1/48
a Allied b Axis  The Tread Heads (a & b)
17 Armored, Half-Tracked/Wheeled, 1/48  The Tread Heads
18 Softskin, 1/48
19 Softskin, 1/72 and Smaller  The Tread Heads
20 Armored, Tracked, 1/72 and Smaller  The Tread Heads
21 Armored, Half-Tracked/Wheeled, 1/72 and Smaller  The Tread Heads
22 Artillery/Ordnance, All Types and Scales  George Hecht
C. Ships
23 Powered, Larger than 1/700  George Hecht
24 Powered, 1/700 and Smaller  Tampa Bay Ship Modelers Society
25 Submarines & Submersibles, All Scales  Karl Pople
26 Sailing, All Scales   Tampa Bay Ship Modelers Society
D. Automotive
27 Production Cars & Trucks, 1/25-1/20  Phil’s Hobby Shop
28 Competition, 1/25-1/20
a Open Wheel b Closed Wheel  Mike Hanson (b)
29 Hot Rods, Customs, Street Machines, 1/25-1/20  Phil’s Hobby Shop
30 Large Scales, 1/21 or larger  Phil’s Hobby Shop
31 Small Scales, 1/26 or smaller  Earl Petrikin
32 Motorcycles, All Scales  Bart Cusumano – In Memory of Al Wanzie
33 Civil & Commercial, All Scales  Phil’s Hobby Shop
E. Figures
34 Historical, Smaller than 90mm
35 Historical, 90mm and Larger
36 Fantasy/Science Fiction, Smaller than 90mm
37 Fantasy/Science Fiction, 90mm and Larger
38 Busts, All Scales
F. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Real Space
39 Real Spacecraft, All types and scales
40 Sc-Fi/Fantasy, Star Wars, All Types and Scales
41 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, All other types and scales
G. Collections
42 Collections, All types and scales
H. Miscellaneous
43 Any Other Subject, All Scales  Karl Pople
I. Juniors
44 Ages 15 and Younger, All Types and Scales
J. Dioramas
45 1/35 and Larger
46 Smaller than 1/35
K. Out of Box (All Types and Scales)
47 Aircraft  Polk Area Model Society
48 Military Vehicles
49 Automotive
L. Special Awards
S1 Judges Best of Show
S2 People’s Choice
S3 Best Aircraft  Zoukei-mura Company
S4 Best Military Vehicle
S5 Best Ship   Tampa Bay Ship Modelers Society
S6 Best Automotive
S7 Best Figure
S8 Best Space/Sci Fi
S9 Best Diorama
S10 Theme Award: 1967-A Year of Conflict

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