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The latest issue of the Pelkan Club newsletter – Pelikan Droppings – is now available.  Includes an IPMS Nationals report as well as other great articles and walk-arounds.  We’d really like to see more of our members contribute, so if you have something to share, let us know!

Find it here:

Pelikan Droppings Newsletters


3 Responses to “New Pelikan Droppings!”

  1. Bart Cusumano says:

    Hey Jim. Read your comment this morning and in particular your comment: “The PVC pipe extensions have been used at AMPS conventions previously without any problems.” Being of the curious type, I wonder, who did you ask about whether or not the PVC table leg extensions were a problem or not? I mean, did you specifically talk to anyone that is wheelchair-bound or uses a scooter to get their opinion? The answer for me here is, obviously not.

    Let me help you with this subject: I am stuck in a wheelchair and table leg extensions definitely are a problem for me. As a matter of fact, when I heard that they were being used in Columbia, I cancelled my trip. You see, when you’re stuck in a wheelchair (which you obviously are not) your visual perspective is a bit low and so when tables get elevated, you can’t see a darn thing that’s on the table. I mean, isn’t that why we like to go to shows – to see the models? Further, I usually judge at shows (something I enjoy very much) and elevated tables would make that next to impossible for me. I do not attend model shows that utilize table leg extensions – what point would there be to it? And that sir, is definitely a problem.

  2. Is there anything you did like about the Nationals?
    Seems nearly half of what you commented ran along the lines of “this was nice BUT…”! The clubs that were involved in this put one hell of a lot of time and effort in coordinating the venues, vendors and accommodations for those attending. To let your know, this convention filled all, and I mean ALL, of the hotels in the city. The prices were negotiated to the best the club could get for that time of the year! You want a Motel 6, that’s your choice. You want to walk to the convention hall, that’s your choice as well.
    The host club even arranged for the Columbia Visitor’s Bureau to arrange van transport from the airport to the hotel/convention center. (It was something they had not done previously.) Some of the participants who arrived via teh airport were most impressed by the “welcome” signage announcing the convention and reception in the luggage pick-up area.
    The PVC pipe extensions have been used at AMPS conventions previously without any problems.
    Tell ya what! How’s about your club putting in a bid for the Nationals?
    Ya just caught me wrong this mornin’!

    • Mike Hanson says:

      Our club has hosted a National. We hosted Disney a couple years back, I was the contest room chair. I’ve also been a regular at Nationals for the last 15 years or so, giving me some perspective for comparison. I don’t think the review was at all negative, but let’s face the fact that there’s always room for constructive criticism. It’s a fact that the hotels were very expensive, and in fact were significantly more expensive than even the hotels at Disney, which are not known for being inexpensive. I can also point out that not all the hotels in the city were full, as the Holiday Inn Express where we stayed had vacancies. Note also that we had direct transport to the Disney venue as well, with the added bonus of having luggage delivered directly to the hotel room if you were staying on the property (you didn’t even need to go to baggage claim, Disney did it all for you). As far as the PVC extensions, I saw at least three guys in wheelchairs that were struggling, and as the father of a disabled child as well as having a number of friends with chair-bound disabilities, that particularly bothers me.

      Overall the convention was very good, and if you read the last paragraph I mentioned that I appreciated the work that goes into doing it, especially since I’ve been part of it myself. The venue was fantastic, all of the convention staff I spoke with were friendly and available, and it had one of the best vendor turnouts in quite a while. I just think there needs to be perspective – take a look at the IPMS Journal, and you’ll see that every year the convention is THE BEST CONVENTION EVER!!! That’s not true; some chapters spend a lot more time on the details. Overall, Columbia was above the curve, but there’s always room for improvement.