Contest Rules

1. This contest is open to all modelers. Models that have placed in National competition or have won first place in any regional competition are not eligible for entry.

2. Models may be of any material, i.e., plastic, wood or metal. No self-propelled or radio controlled models will be permitted. No pre-built models, i.e., die-cast or toy type items will be permitted.

3. Awards will be given in all categories listed. Specialty categories have one award.

4. The Junior division is limited to those participants who have not reached their 15th birthday by May 19th, 2017. Juniors are not restricted to junior categories; they may enter any category and may also compete for specialty awards.

5. Bases will be allowed in all categories, but will not be judged except in the Diorama category. Bases not in the Diorama category must be limited to a flat surface, i.e., tarmac, concrete, grass, etc.. No trees, rocks or other dimensional objects are allowed outside of the Diorama category.

6. Collections are defined as 5 or more closely related subjects. Collection entries are encouraged but the Head Judge reserves the right to evaluate the status of any collection.

7. For contest purposes, twin engine jet fighters and attack aircraft will not be considered multi-engine aircraft, e.g. F4, A6, P38, F82, etc…

8. Out of the box categories must be an unmodified commercially produced kit and must be submitted with the kit instructions. The only acceptable alterations to the basic kit are inclusion of antenna wires or rigging and alternate color/ decal schemes. THIS CATEGORY IS NOT OPEN TO “HIGH TECH” KITS.

9. Any model that constitutes a figure, be it a dinosaur, robot, Terminator, etc will be placed and judged in the figure category (Putting dinosaurs in the science fiction category is incorrect anyway!).

10. All judges will be experienced “competition” modelers. Entries will be judged with the utmost fairness and integrity, and in a constructive and positive manner. No judge will be permitted to judge a category in which he/she is entered.

11. Upon registration, the entrant will indicate his/her choice for the category of each model. The Head Judge reserves the right to evaluate entries and, if necessary, move entries to a more appropriate category. If such a move is necessary, the entrant will be notified.

12. Every effort will be made to ensure the security of models, however, the Pelikan Model Club and the Minnreg Hall assumes no liability in the event of accidental damage or loss of entries.

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