Pelikan Meeting S&T – October 11, 2016

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Star Wars Exhibit

There’s a really nice Star Wars exhibit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, that shows off a few of the shooting models from the early films and maquette models from the later films (these were models used for reference for the computer-build digital models).  Additionally, there were some of the props from the latest ‘The Force Awakens’ movie.

When you look at the photos of the older shooting models, see how many parts you can see from model kits, like landing gear, machine guns, transmissions, etc.  Often used in very unique ways.  I could have looked at these things for hours!

Some of them are a bit dark; apologies, as I only had my cell phone camera.  Next time I go I’ll try to remember take a better camera.

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Models Galleries

Photos of our club member’s models.

Coming Soon!

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