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2017 Nationals – Popular and Judges Best of Show

Best popular entry: USS Patoka and Airship


IPMS Best of Show (Judges Best): Scratch-built pipe layer

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2017 Nationals – All Photos Uploaded!

All of the aircraft images have been uploaded, and the military vehicle photos are in the process of moving online as I write this.  Total photos is in the neighborhood of 2400.

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2017 Nationals – Hypothetical

The hypothetical category:

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2017 Nationals – Miscellaneous

This isn’t the miscellaneous category, rather it’s models that I’m not sure where they’d go.

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2017 Nationals – Diorama & Vignette

Diorama and Vignette categories:

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2017 Nationals – Collections

These are the categories with multiple entries – triathlon, collections, group builds, etc.

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